Are you tired of an average life?

go rogue. START something.

About FrankenSTART

This page was created by the Midwives for #STARTExp – for all #STARTlets and #STARTalums. We believe in what this community has already accomplished and what it can become. We saw a need and created a solution. It WON’T be perfect – nothing rogue ever is. But it will be good. And it WILL constantly be evolving – permanent beta.

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About The Start Experiment

The blog post was only live for 24 hours.

Jon Acuff was in the middle of a bus tour to promote his latest book, Start, which had recently hit the New York Times Bestsellers list, when he posted it. Readers had already lined up to buy the little black, white, and red hardbacks, and what a powerful book it was. Start shined a light in the dark corners of readers’ minds and asked them to confront the thing that held them back in life.

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About the Midwives

The Midwives are a team of visionary women and men who discover and share the things that support #STARTers during START rounds. They encourage Startlets and Startalums during daily START tasks, share stories and guide New STARTers through the screaming chaos of a brand new START.

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